Watch out for ghosts tonight, okay?

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Student at OCADU for graphic design and lazy butt.

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left-handed: wolf in the woods. ballpoint pen, photoshop.
My right wrist has been in bad bad shape lately, so I’m back to working with my non-dominant hand until I finish a couple rounds with doctors.  Yesterday my personal challenge was fine detail x Ivan Bilibin.

Sony™ should let go of their current advertising agency and just hire me.

Vincent van Gogh, Kop van een skelet met brandende sigaret (Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette) ; 1886


我的师父姜子牙 (Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms) (pt.2)

Chinese animated feature coming in 2016

Trailer - X

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Black’n’White II by Ooli Mos



Travel Photography, 2014 | by Pat Perry

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